Overwhelming Coincidences

These overwhelming coincidences link Harry Phipps to sexual deviancy and paedophilia and his alleged involvement of the Beaumont children. A large dossier containing all these coincidences had been sent to Major crime South Australia by Mullins on several occasions. Together with his regular questions asking why a majority of people noted in the book the Satin Man had not been interviewed yet so pertinent to the case.

Mostyn Matters photo taken and supplied by Stuart Mullins

Mostyn Matters ex Detective and on duty at the Glenelg police station that fateful January 1966 . Mostyn was the first detective to meet and speak to Mr Beaumont. He firmly believes Harry Phipps is your man. He states there are too many co incidences regarding  Harry Phipps to be dismissed .

Photo of Ken Thorsen Photo from Today Tonight Adelaide

“ This has red flags all over it . One needs to shake this tree and see what falls out of it .There are simply too many coincidences to be ignored.” Ken Thorsen ex Head of SAPOL major crime .

Image of Bill Hayes from Today Tonight Adelaide.

Regarding Harry Phipps there are way too many damning co incidences . Harry Phipps the Satin Man is the Hannibal Lecter of Pedophilia . Bill Hayes.

Steve Van Aperen

Steve Van Aperen expert in the field of behavioural interviewing, reading body language and detecting deception stated Hayden Phipps is telling the truth but hiding more.

Harry Phipps was grooming these children from previous meetings. Biding his time; waiting to pounce. And pounce he did. Phipps was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing disguised by a cloak of respectability. 


1. Harry Phipps allegedly rapes and sodomises a 14-year-old schoolgirl across from his Castalloy factory North Plympton in the 1970s. Haydn Phipps his son accuses his father of sexual abuse/sodomy over many years. As of early 2019, another lady steps forward accusing Harry Phipps of sexual abuse

2. The description of the man seen at the beach with the children fits the description of Harry Phipps in the 1960’s .

3 . Jane Beaumont was given a pound note by the man she met at the beach. Harry Phipps was well known to give out pound notes in the 1960s.

4. Harry Phipps was regular beachgoer to Glenelg . He resided 190 metres ( 207 yards approx ) from Colley Reserve where the man was seen playing with the children  ( See Ariel view ) Phipps also lived approximately 200 metres from Wenzel’s Bakery where Jane Beaumont was last seen buying a large lunch with the pound note around 12 noon to 12.20 pm. When does Haydn Phipps, Harry’s son see the children walk into his backyard? Around lunchtime, coincidence?

Sourced by Stuart Mullins from the excellent staff at the Holdfast Bay Historical Society

6. The Satin Man Harry Phipps had a grave size hole dug at the back of his factory at Plympton not far from Glenelg by then two teenage boys three days after the children go missing in January 1966. Once the boys dug the hole they were  paid in pound notes and  told to “fuck off you little cunts and never come back.” Allegedly a very similar use of words spoken at Adelaide oval in 1973 toward Anthony Kilmartin. An eye witness to Jo Anne Radcliffe and Kirsty Gordons abduction.

7. Haydn Phipps stated to Bill Hayes Private Investigator they are in the pit. The sandpit. Haydn stated this to his ex-wife Angela Fyfe, Stuart Mullins, Haydns son and to his cousin Peter: They are in the sandpit and Harry did it.

 Photo Supplied to Stuart Mullins 

9. Harry Phipps frequented a private gentleman’s club in the Adelaide CBD over many years where like-minded men dressed in ladies clothing.Phipps dresses are made of satin.

10. A purse  similar to the one Jane Beaumont had with her was spotted in the basement of the Harry Phipps house by Mullins. Once the second wife Elizabeth Phipps ( Daisy Ward ) was alerted to the purse significance she threw it away.

11. Anglican Arch Bishop John Hepworth who fronted the Australian Royal Commission into child sex abuse. He knew of Harry Phipps in pedophilic circles in the 1950s onward.


  1. Who do we know in this square hands out pound notes and has a house that is quickly and easily accessible to and from Colley Reserve.?
  2. Who in this square fits the description?
  3. Whom in this square has a house that in 1966 the Beaumont Children were spotted at?
  4. Whom in this square has a satin fetish that when wearing satin garments becomes sexually aroused. And who in the square also attends a private gentleman’s club Adelaide dressed as a female?
  5. Who in this square has a grave size hole dug at the back of his factory 3 days after the children go missing and pays the two boys that dug this hole with pound notes?
  6. Who in this square sexually abuses /sodomises his own son over a 10 year period?
  7. Who in this square rapes and sodomises a fourteen old school girl in the 1970s?
  8. Who in this square is a sexual predator?


As of early, 2018 South Australian  Major Crime has elevated Harry Phipps to a person of interest.

Page put together and written by Stuart Mullins.

The Satin Man.

Uncovering the Mystery of the Beaumont Children” was written due to a tip off. A tip off which resulted in ten years of investigation in which Whiticker and Mullins continued their hunt for the truth .The Satin Man book looks at a new potential suspect, a person of influence, money, persuasiveness and power . A family patriarch a man with a peculiar predilection for Satin may have been involved.A person hidden in clear sight