They are in the sand pit

In mid 2016 a well respected a Holland private investigation / profiling company working with their major crime department listened intently to the interview between Haydn Phipps and Bill Hayes and read the dossier that Mullins sent them . These experts contacted the head of Major Crime Sth Australia to discuss their concerns regarding the Satin Man Harry Phipps . Others that  have also analysed Haydns plead email and recorded interview . Private investigator  Bill Hayes and the exceptional ” Lie detection expert ” Steve Van Aperen. Together with Xanthe Mallet profiler University of Newcastle and Duncan McNab Chanel Seven True Crime investigator all believe Haydn Phipps was telling the truth .

Haydn’s plead email

You and nobody else knows of the full-terror I lived with daily, sometimes minute by minute I suffered under the hands of this man. My so called “Father”. I was, since I can ever remember, full of absolute terrifying fear of him and what he was capable of. He was a full-on Schizophrenic from day one. He revelled in his ability to constantly play many, many, roles at the same time. I do not believe even his own Mother knew what she had conceived.I cannot go to sleep two night’s without having him in some “Horrific Nightmarish-Recall”. He scared me, all, all, all, of the time! He was, amongst other things, one of the world’s greatest liars. He had absolutely no remorse or conscience for anything he ever,ever did.

Everything I told you about him, was the absolute truth! I have been questioned, interrogated, tape-recorded, phone-called from Adelaide but also had all sorts of ranking Officers trying to trick me into what I have said or have not said. Sure, I want the truth to come out. But at what cost to me and all concerned?” With love and affection Haydn.

European private profiler working with their major crime department ( profilers ) state:

To us a really convincing part of Haydn’s interview is the part with the possible motive: “They copped – copped him.” Imagine what this could mean for a young boy like Haydn in 1966 witnessing most likely with others ( he used ‘we’), his father’s behaviour! Language wise Haydn accelerates after the possible motive and that is a really strong indication in language that the possible crime is happening.

“They came in from around the front of the house to the backyard and Harry must have been fucking around putting his bloody dresses in the back of the boot of the car and they copped – copped him doing it and I don’t know, well – see, a lot – a fair bit of time went past, a fair bit of time went past, like, we didn’t really take that much – we didn’t pay that much attention to what was going on and we just sort of thought, like, oh, the old prick will take them down to the bloody tram stop or whatever to do – take them – take them home or whatever he’ll do and that was it. Like…”

Most strikingly was the repeated statement, “The front door was left open.” 5 or 6 times in the interview Haydn says this.

Haydn is then focused on the sandpit as he always has been . He has mentioned the sand pit at the factory many many times over the years.The shame and anger Haydn and others who might have been present felt when the children caught his father in his behaviour could be a possibility that something very bad happened at the sandpit.There is something about the sandpit at the factory he is scared of . Plus coming in the front of the house would be after buying lunch from Wenzels they copped Harry in the backyard.

Also what the professionals in Europe found striking is the fact that the man on the beach was seen playing with the kids and that Nancy Beaumont was very surprised regarding the fact that the man dressed Jane . He was touching her pink bathers , her top and shorts which alarmed them . Keeping in mind the Satin Man’s attic was filled with satin rolls and dresses .These well-credentialed investigators stated that this playing , joking and dressing of the children at Colley Reserve Glenelg Beach very much fits Harry Phipps’ profile.

  • All the experts believe Haydn Phipps is telling the truth of seeing the Beaumont children that fateful day.
  • That he was sexually abused for many years by his father. 
  • That the mention of the sand pit at the factory scares him and this is where the children are buried . Buried near the cottages at the Cast Alloy factory
  • The perpetrator lived within the vicinity of Colley Reserve Glenelg beach .
  • That he would have been an unknown sexual predator and would be a person of standing in the community .
  • He would have been persuasive , charming , charismatic , well groomed , a manipulator . 
  • The pound note of course is very pivotal to all of them and pointed to a person of wealth .The police agree.  
  • That he would have struck again being a pedophile.
  • That the wolf has never been too far from the door in regard to the Beaumont Children case . The wolf is very rarely in these types of cases they stated ……… The Beaumont case is no different.

Regarding Harry Phipps they stated he did fit a certain pedophilic predator profile . That the Satin Man’s persona , characteristics actions is that of a predator pedophile . A sexual deviant . And all rated Harry Phipps as your chief person of interest .

Steve Van Aperen and Bill Hayes


Duncan McNab and Dr Xanthe Mallet

As Dr Xanthe Mallet and Duncan McNab so elegantly state  :

The coincidences have moved to fact as far as we can see . All our eyebrows have been raised since we first chatted and have been ever since . As almost all serious criminal cases are circumstantial (contrary to what TV detectives/lawyers assert) and it’s the strength of the circumstances and volume that get us beyond reasonable doubt.Harry Phipps combines many –

Disposition , history , the elegance of the location , the capacity to cover up  (personal, social, political connections, stature etc), the fact he’s a sexual predator (anyone is fair game) rather than a pedophile , his kinks etc,- so much piles up . And there are the boys now men that dug the grave size hole at the back of the factory  – utterly honest, capable, smart . And the poor girl that was sodomised….as we mentioned earlier..Harry is a predator so gender/age preferences etc are secondary to opportunism and the need to dominate…hence the manner of this assault too.

In the case of the missing Beaumont Children , the wolf has never been too far from the door.

The children never left Glenelg.

Page created and put together by Stuart Mullins

The Satin Man.

Uncovering the Mystery of the Beaumont Children” was written due to a tip off. A tip off which resulted in ten years of investigation in which Whiticker and Mullins continued their hunt for the truth .The Satin Man book looks at a new potential suspect, a person of influence, money, persuasiveness and power . A family patriarch a man with a peculiar predilection for Satin may have been involved.A person hidden in clear sight