The children are in the sand pit

In mid-2016 a well-respected statement analysis experts from Holland listened to the interview between Hayden Phipps and Bill Hayes. So convinced Hayden was being truthful they contacted the head of Major Crime South Australia. Steve Van Aperen Australia’s leading lie detection expert together with Criminologist Xanthe Mallet and Duncan McNab True Crime investigator believe Hayden Phipps was telling the truth.

Haydn’s plead email

You and nobody else knows of the full-terror I lived with daily, sometimes minute by minute I suffered under the hands of this man. My so-called “Father”. I was, since I can ever remember, full of absolute terrifying fear of him and what he was capable of. He was a full-on Schizophrenic from day one. He revelled in his ability to constantly play many, many, roles at the same time. I do not believe even his own mother knew what she had conceived. I cannot go to sleep two night’s without having him in some “Horrific Nightmarish-Recall”. He scared me, all, all, all, of the time! He was, amongst other things, one of the world’s greatest liars. He had absolutely no remorse or conscience for anything he ever, ever did.

Everything I told you about him, was the absolute truth! I have been questioned, interrogated, tape-recorded, phone-called from Adelaide but also had all sorts of ranking Officers trying to trick me into what I have said or have not said. Sure, I want the truth to come out. But at what cost to me and all concerned?” With love and affection Haydn.

Steve Van Aperen and Bill Hayes

These children never left Glenelg.

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