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Beaumont Book

It's a crime no Australian can ever forget.... the disappearance of the three Beaumont children from Glenelg beach on a hot Australia day in 1966. Despite one of the most intensive investigations ever undertaken, police are still no closer to solving the mystery of what happened to Jane, Arna and Grant.

Beaumont Suspect Part 1

Tonight we name a likely suspect for the crime that's gripped a nation for almost 50 years.

Beaumont Suspect Part 2

Tonight we reveal the photographs which may implicate a prominent South Australian businessman in our state's unsolved crime of the century.

Beaumont evidence

It's been on their minds for 47 years but it was only a few weeks ago that our most recent story on a new suspect in the Beaumont's disappearance sparked a most chilling experience for two Adelaide brothers we'll call Wayne and John.

Beaumont bombshell

Could this solve our greatest murder mystery? The stunning new clue in the Beaumont case.

Beaumont Police

A stunning revelation this week by highly credible witnesses that has stirred enormous public interest in the 47 year mystery of the Beaumont children

Beaumont Pre-dig

Tonight... The sensational new development in the Beaumont case which could lead to the recovery of the childrens' remains at a Plympton factory site.

Beaumont Dig part 2

The police dig for the Beaumonts and find nothing... But have they got the wrong spot?

Beaumont detective

The detective closest to the Beaumont family calls this the best clue in 50 years... His final plea for the mystery to be solved

Beaumont update part 1

Is this the man with the secrets to our most baffling case?... Now new information and the lie detector test confirm it all... His link to the Beaumonts

Beaumont update part 2

So is Nick Phipps telling the truth in implicating his grandfather Harry in the disappearance of the Beaumont children? One of the world's leading polygraph examiners puts his astonishing story to the test

Beaumont Cops

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Beaumont children's disappearance, why are police still refusing a public inquiry?