How The Beaumont Children Were Taken

This abduction was a setup. The man at the beach was grooming the children and had been over days.

He comes to the beach with only a towel, trousers and shirt ; No carry bag . There was no wallet nor car keys spotted by witnesses. He was travelling very light indeed. 

he children knew this man as they went over to him and started playing after coming up from a play in the ocean. The children very familiar with him Why? The children laid their towels in their usual spot when at Colley Reserve. Where did this man lay his towel? right near them. The children were regulars to Colley Reserve and so to was this man. He was lying on his towel waiting for them. 

The man’s shirt and trousers were placed on the white seat/bench near the back of the Holdfast Bay Sailing Club / Yacht Club. If this man had a wallet and keys they were not visible. They could have been in his clothes or pockets or placed under the clothes but they were not seen.

This  man spoke to two sets of couples close by:

 Did any of you people see anyone with our clothes? We’ve had some money taken from our clothes”.

Another witness stated the man said: 

” Have you seen anyone messing with our clothes? Our money has been pinched.”

He has taken Janes money to have control. The money Jane’s mother gave her was in Jane’s light beige clip purse inside her light blueish airline type carry bag. How would this man know Jane had any money unless he looked inside her bag and took her purse. With no money, the children would rely on him. He was grooming them. All this well planned and executed. From this point, he has his prey.

Note also he helps dress all three . They are certainly all familiar with each other.

Why would they follow this man? This man took Jane’s money to have control. With no money, the children were now dependent on him. He showed empathy. His caring, friendly,  understanding nature. He was charming, persuasive, manipulative and above all calculating. Therefore Jane Beaumont was not given the pound note at Colley Reserve by the man they met. Why? All their money was taken. Jane received the pound note elsewhere. BUT from where?

Could this person be local? Highly likely. The dotted square area below depicts how far Gerant Beaumont could reasonably walk in an approximate 20 minute to maximum 30 min window. From the beginning of the children walking in a northerly direction away from their bus stop. Waiting patiently for the man at the change shed. Collecting a pound note and walking to Wenzel’s bakery. The perpetrator due to the time frame must have lived within this parameter. Note the location of the Satin Mans Harry Phipps house.




Facts To Remember

  • The Beaumont children DID NOT walk directly from Colley Reserve to Wenzels bakery to buy lunch .They initially walked away in a northerly direction with this man. All  in the opposite direction from Wenzel’s bakery and their bus stop.
  • Jane Beaumont WAS NOT given the pound note at Colley Reserve by the man they met . Jane received this pound note once they all left Colley Reserve . Many in the media and police force still believe Jane Beaumont received the pound note from the man at Colley Reserve . She did not.
  • Where did Jane Beaumont receive this pound note ? When no-one including the man had any money at Colley Reserve. Many have ruled out a car for many plausible reasons so there is only one other place to get a pound note from , his home and it must be close by .
  • They did not walk to his car . There were no car keys and no wallet with this man as his money was pinched also  .
  • Who lived within 200 metres from Colley Reserve in a northerly direction from where they were playing  and 200 metres from Wenzel’s bakery.The Satin Man Harry Phipps .
  • Who was well known to hand out pound notes.The Satin Man Harry Phipps.
  • Who fits the description? The Satin Man Harry Phipps.
  • Who allegedly sexually abuses /sodomised his own son 1950s and 1960s and rapes and sodomises a 14 year old girl in the 1970s ? Then follows up with another young girl. The Satin Man Harry Phipps.
  • Who has over twelve pieces of substantial circumstantial evidence linking his alleged involvement to the disappearance of the children? The Satin Man 
  • Who has been raised to a person of interest by South Australian major crime  as of 2018 ?
  • Who is a sexual  deviant . A pedophile .The Satin Man Harry Phipps.

The Satin Man.

Uncovering the Mystery of the Beaumont Children” was written due to a tip off. A tip off which resulted in ten years of investigation in which Whiticker and Mullins continued their hunt for the truth .The Satin Man book looks at a new potential suspect, a person of influence, money, persuasiveness and power . A family patriarch a man with a peculiar predilection for Satin may have been involved.A person hidden in clear sight