How The Beaumont Children Were Taken

This abduction was a setup. The man at the beach was grooming the children days previously  


The children laid their towels in their usual spot when at Colley Reserve. Right next to where this man laid his towel? He was waiting for them. The children were regulars to Colley Reserve and so to was this man.    

 As the children play under the sprinklers the man speaks to two sets of couples close by:  

 Did any of you people see anyone with our clothes? We’ve had some money taken from our clothes”. 

Another witness stated the man said:     

” Have you seen anyone messing with our clothes? Our money has been pinched.”    


 How did he know Jane had any money? He knew as he looked inside Janes carry bag. He needed a bait to have control.This is why they follow this man This man took Jane’s money to have control. With no money, the children were now dependent on him. So where did  Jane Beaumont receive this magical  pound note from?  

Could this person be local? The dotted square area below depicts how far Gran Beaumont could reasonably walk in an approximate 20 minute to maximum 30 min window. From the beginning of the children walking in a northerly direction away from their bus stop. Waiting patiently for the man at the change shed. Collecting a pound note and walking to Wenzel’s bakery. The perpetrator due to the time frame must have lived within this parameter  to end up at Wenzels within 25 minutes  



                                                                                                          These children did not leave the Glenelg area.

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