Clues missed

‘This abduction was a setup. The man at the beach was grooming the children days previously.   Why?  

After running up from the water’s edge at Colley Reserve Glenelg the children laid out their towels next to where this man had already laid his ……. This could have been a coincidence OR this individual was waiting for them.If so the rendezvous was pre arranged.If that’s the case the grooming was in the process days previously.   

At no time was this man seen swimming.His hair was nicely combed back and neatly parted to one side. Was he there for a swim or the children ?

They knew this man. As after playing under the sprinklers and returning to their towels they walked over to him ( not the other way around) All three began willingly and happily playing games together and conversing.Grant was jumping over this man and Arnna and Jane were flicking him with their towels. They certainly appeared to know another.   

The children were regulars to Colley Reserve and so was Harry Phipps.      

As the children played with this man at some point he feigns concern to them .He walks over to speak to a elderly couple sitting on park bench close by and overheard by a younger lady and man also nearby:

Have you seen anyone messing with our clothes? Our money has been pinched.”      

How did he know Jane had any money? He knew as he looked inside Janes carry bag while they played under the sprinklers .  He needed bait to have control, so he took the children’s money.  

The bait : With no money, the children were dependent on him as no money so they go with him .And he was so nice 

If this man had money in his pockets why not give Jane the pound note then and there so the Beaumont Children could walk directly to Wenzel’s bakery and their bus stop .

Why no car. No car keys were spotted and no wallet. If he had a car this indicates he was from out of the Glenelg area. To collect the pound note by car in busy holiday traffic then return to Wenzel’s Bakery. This could not have been accomplished in the allotted time frame  Therefore this man was highly likely a local.




“Even the invisible leave footprints.”

― Wayne Gerard Trotman