The below is from a newspaper article written by Nigel Hunt journalist for the Adelaide advertiser on Sunday the 18th of February 2018  . Nigel’s article is written in black . Stuart Mullins reply is in bold black

Nigel Hunt, Exclusive, Sunday Mail (SA)

February 18, 2018 12:30am

Read below: An alleged motive of revenge, and Analysis

The rape and sodimisation of a 14-year-old schoolgirl by Harry Phipps near his Castalloy factory in the 1970s. This lady has been filmed and interviewed . 100% consensus by all present including experts in the field of statement analysis regarding the interview or have viewed the entire footage . Is that this lady is telling the truth about what had occurred in the 1970s at the hands of Harry Phipps. Footage shown Chanel 7 now on You Tube: ” The Beaumont children what really happened ” . Or on this site under latest news 

Before we begin does Wayne Phipps know that only up to 8% of people that come forward to state they were sexually abused as a child are telling a lie ? If I Stuart Mullins was a betting man I would put my money on a horse that had a 92% chance of winning .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : The surviving son of businessman Harry Phipps says his father is innocent and was publicly tried and convicted of killing the Beaumont children despite no evidence of his involvement.

Stuart Mullins  : There was always circumstantial evidence . As clearly stated in the book the Satin Man Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont Children. Also noted on the web site This circumstantial evidence is all corroborated in the book and sent in dossier form to Major Crime South Australia . This circumstantial evidence is also backed up by past and current detectives and statement analysis experts from Australia and overseas.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : And SA’s most senior homicide detective says he had “concerns about the validity of some of the allegations” made about Mr. Phipps.

Stuart Mullins  : Correct , this was said and please note the words   “ some of the allegations “  This was around Hayden Phipps recollection of that January day in 1966. Mullins , Hayes , Whiticker and others also had some queries , as did the detective in SAPOL .

Of course we would have had some concerns , as recollections from 50 years ago would be hazy at times. But as mentioned these were only some concerns and not many and covered below . As highly respected ex Detective Bill Hayes stated one must give some leeway to Hayden Phipps statement due to the time that has passed.

However , what we must remember in regards Hayden Phipps recorded interview seeing the Beaumont children that fateful day in 1966 and his sexual abuse at the hands of his father Harry Phipps the Satin Man. That this recording was listened to and evaluated by one of Australia’s best lie detection polygraph experts Steve van Aperen. This recorded interview was also listened to and evaluated by two of Holland’s leading statement analysis experts . Both believe Hayden Phipps is telling the truth BUT hiding more . That he was sexually abused for many years and that indeed he did see the Beaumont children in his backyard that day . Had major crime listened to and evaluated this interview ? We believe not . Has Nigel Hunt  listened to this recorded interview ? No he has not.

These experts also analysed Hayden’s plea email as detailed on site. This person , Hayden Phipps , the experts  state is clearly suffering trauma caused by his father sexual abuse.

If Wayne Phipps would be open to meeting and being tested by Steve Van Aperen ? If he could let us know. I am sure Steve would be happy to oblige.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Breaking his silence on the astonishing claims that have tarnished his father’s name , Wayne Phipps believes his mentally ill older brother, Haydn, fabricated the allegations implicating his father in the abductions and his own alleged abuse.

Stuart Mullins : Wayne Phipps is neither a doctor nor psychiatrist  . This is his opinion only and cannot be substantiated . However , in speaking to experts locally and overseas dealing with victims of child sexual abuse after listening to Hayden’s interview state : ” Hayden was highly likely sexually abused” . This is backed up by some relatives and past friends of Hayden’s from the 1950s 1960s and 1970s stating “ If Hayden was sexually abused this would answer many questions they had regarding Hayden’s behaviour over the years  . And answer their questions of why Hayden hated his father with passion from a very early age. So much so it was palatable.

Several relatives and friends stating that the family was completely dysfunctional . Hayden was damaged, yes, but mental illness? There is no proof to say he was.

This comment of mental illness was made also to Mullins by a detective that spoke to Hayden Phipps only over the phone only . This detective like Wayne Phipps was not qualified to make this judgment and this judgment would have been wrongly added to this detectives report.

All of this is noted in the dossier Mullins sent to Major Crime on several occasions over the years . And shown on the web site .

As to the allegations.

  • Is Wayne Phipps saying his father never frequented Glenelg Beach and Colley Reserve in the 1960s ?.
  • Is Wayne Phipps saying the family house was not 190 meters from Colley Reserve and 200 meters from Wenzel’s bakery?
  • Is he saying his father Harry Phipps was not known to hand out pound notes in the 1960s?
  • Is he saying his father did not fit the description of the man seen at the beach that fateful day in the company of the children?
  • Is Wayne Phipps saying his father never made his own Satin dresses and a lot of them ? And wore them. Is Wayne Phipps  saying the two lots of people requested by Harry Phipps second wife to take these many brightly coloured  satin dresses out of Harry Phipps house after he passed away are all lying ? .
  • Is Wayne Phipps also saying that Harry Phipps second wife was not distraught about what she had found out about Harry Phipps . Stated to two people that took the satin away  that  ” You have no idea what I have got myself into” Are these people also lying Wayne  ?
  • Is Wayne then saying some of his relatives are not telling the truth regarding Harry and his Satin fetish . The handing out of pound notes. His sexual deviancy . His physical description. His frequenting of Colley Reserve. His sexual abuse/sodimisation of a 14 year old school girl and his brother Hayden . Are these all lies . All made up ?.
  • Is Wayne Phipps  saying  his father never attended on regular occasions a ” gentleman’s club ” dressed as women as with like minded men ? The bartender and his wife are lying Wayne ?.
  • Is Wayne Phipps saying his family was completely normal where several friends’ and relatives state the the family was completely dysfunctional …..Wayne something is not right here
  • So Wayne Phipps is saying the book  the Satin Mans is  all based on lies?
  • All these people are making this up?.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps: “This is wrong. It’s hurting those who I care about and the memory of those who I cared about. We loved Harry and believe in his innocence,” Wayne told the Sunday Mail.

Stuart Mullins would like Wayne Phipps to attend an interview with him live on radio or TV  to discuss certain things regarding Wayne’s past.

  1. Why was Wayne in the Southport Hospital late 1990s early 2000s. What section and for how long? . And his flat mate at the time may want to be present in this interview.
  2. Was Wayne Phipps ever a member of the Somerton bowls clubs ? And if so would he like to tell us about his time there. And why he left ? Mostyn Matters ex detective and a member at the time and several other board members would like to be present in this interview. Maybe we can get reference checks from here or reference checks  from the real estate agent Wayne Phipps worked at in Glenelg.
  3. Did Wayne Phipps ever attend the Adelaide hospital . And if so for how long?  And why he was there ?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps: He has revealed serious factual flaws in Haydn’s uncorroborated allegations that has cast serious doubt on their validity.

Stuart Mullins : Quite the contrary . As one can read in the Satin Man book , all is corroborated. Maybe Wayne Phipps would like to be sent a copy. The police have all this information in dossier form as depicted in a photo shot on the web site clearly showing the dossier sent .This dossier was sent by Mullins many times to Major Crime .The dossier contains names , addresses , phone numbers of people in the book , but as yet very few indeed have been contacted. And these people knew both Wayne and Hayden Phipps very well. But still have not been contacted .Why?

Again, all information in the book and corroborated. Stuart Mullins would be happy to send a book to Wayne Phipps to read .

This dossier , one can see on the web site. 

Also Wayne would like to explain why now Harry Phipps has been elevated to a person of interest with  SAPOL in relation to this case .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : His wife, Eileen, has also revealed it was Haydn’s wife, Angela, who first raised allegations about the Beaumont’s’ abduction and Haydn’s alleged sexual abuse at the hands of his father – almost a decade before they were raised with SA Police.

Stuart Mullins : Slightly incorrect Nigel . Angela had only concerns regarding Hayden Phipps that he may have been sexually abused by his father. This sexual abuse was discussed by Angela with other family members who also had the same questions back in the 1990s. Again all stated in the book. Angela was concerned as she would be. As she was a clinical nurse working at a correctional centre in Queensland that housed pedophiles. NB : Hayden Phipps had mentioned his father Harry Phipps and the disappearance of the Beaumont Children as far back as the 1980s Why?

Angela also conducted help classes for the sexually abused. Angela stated she had concerns regarding Harry Phipps abusing Hayden but could not be 100% sure. She also was concerned that Hayden Phipps was mentioning to her regarding the Beaumont Children where he stated:

“ I think my father had something to do with that “ There in the pit , the sand pit. “

This comment shook her. All in the Satin Man book. This was back in the 1990s whilst Harry was alive and at this time could have defended himself. But again being very measured which Angela was she needed to delve further.

But also is it not strange the second wife of Harry Phipps Elizabeth also had the same concerns as did  some other relatives ?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps: SA was thrust into the national spotlight three weeks ago when police conducteda second excavation at the New Castalloy factoryat North Plympton searching for the remains of the Beaumont children – Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4.

The first, in 2013, followed claims made in a book about the 1966 abductions , which implicated Harry , and subsequent suggestions made by Channel 7 that a grave may have been dug on his instructions at Castalloy – a company he once owned

Stuart Mullins : The first excavation found nothing. All agreed the first dig was in the incorrect location as the back gate where the boys got their bearings from was not there in 1966 .The gate was further west in 1966. Please note SAPOL were reluctant to initially dig at the back at the factory. They also stated a thorough investigation had already been carried out into Harry Phipps. As Mullins stated very clearly it was not a thorough investigation and noted to SAPOL in the dossier sent my Mullins many times. Mullins took this information to the Police Minister and politicians. Mullins has clearly stated many times this was NOT a thorough investigation and set out in detail why it had not been.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : The second excavation, on January 19, followed a seismic examination of a nearby site at the factory – organised by Channel 7 – that found an “anomaly” under the surface. A waste pit that contained animal bones and refuse was found.There is no evidence connecting the site to the Beaumont children.While detectives believe recollections by two men about digging a hole on the property in January 1966 may be correct, it appears they may have simply dug a refuse pit.

Stuart Mullins: The pit contained only a few animal bones. Some incomplete horse, cow and sheep bones and little refuse if any .The questions by many experts , the boys that dug the pit and privately by some detectives in SAPOL. Why dig the hole and put very little if anything in it? . And all three days are the Beaumont Children went missing?.

And as the Holland experts stated when the new dig began:

Why are they digging there? The children  are not there. They are in the sand pit near the cottages where Hayden Phipps clearly states  in his recorded interview.” “ Dig there and you will find the children”

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : In 2013 , Harry was incorrectly named as a suspect in the Beaumont’s’ abduction following the publication of a book entitled The Satin Man.

Stuart Mullins : Harry was named as person of interest and backed up by corroborated circumstantial evidence and a lot of it. As Ken Thorsen ex Head of Major Crime stated and in the book the Satin Man

“ This has read flags all over it and one should shake the tree and see what falls out”

What fell out? Was the rape and sodimisation of a 14-year-old schoolgirl by Harry Phipps near his factory in the 1970s? Consensus by professionals is she is telling the truth .Harry Phipps now stands as a person of interest in regards to the disappearance of the missing Beaumont Children.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : The Satin Man, a book about the missing Beaumont children.Although pseudonyms were used in the book, the characters were Harry, his family and friends. Among the informants for the book were Haydn and Angela, and another disgruntled relative – who was not, left any money following Harry’s death in 2004.

Stuart Mullins : Hayden , Angela two relatives , not one and several past managers from the Castalloy factory and close friends to Hayden in the 50s 60s and 70s and ex associates of the Satin Man Harry Phipps second wife Daisy Ward / Elizabeth Phipps. Are all these people disgruntled? Several of these were discussing sexual abuse in the 1990s well before Harry passed away.So the above regarding ” disgruntled”  just does not gel at all. In fact a little silly.

And who was left out of the will? Hayden was not and did OK . People from Castalloy would not have expected anything either nor several cousins nor Angela. They all had very little if anything to do with Harry and his second wife.

Is the teenage schoolgirl that was raped and sodomised by Harry Phipps near his factory in the 70s disgruntled?

Angela Fyfe Phipps left Hayden Phipps in the  1990s . She wanted nothing more to do with the family. Hayden was up and down as you would expect and as Angela stated the family was completely dysfunctional as stated by a few previously.

Being not related to the Phipps family Angela expected nothing from the will . A will that had not been written, as Harry was not deceased in the 1990s.

Mullins has had a copy of the will from 2007. Hayden did quite well . When Stuart Mullins met him in 2007 2008 he owned a 2-bedroom unit in Broad beach overlooking the beach. He also had a fair bit of money in the bank.

He was certainly not left out of the will and as he stated doing OK. BUT reiterated to Mullins he was most certainly sexually abused at the hands of his father. And please note again the statistics:

Only 8% world of all people that come forward regarding child sexual abuse are lying. If I were a betting man I would put my money on a horse that has a 92% chance of winning. 

Hayden Phipps story never changed.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : In the book and in subsequent TV current affairs segments, it was alleged Haydn saw the Beaumont children at the family home at Glenelg on January 26, 1966. His statements – made to a former fraud detective-turned-private investigator – remain uncorroborated.

Stuart Mullins : Uncorroborated? Was Hayden Phipps sexually abused? You should ask the then 14-year-old schoolgirl in the 1970s that lived very close to the Castalloy factory that was sexually abused and sodomised by Harry Phipps what she thinks. Is this corroboration?

Or do we discount this rape like we did to all the children raped and sexually abused by the clergy in the 60s 70s 80s . If Hayden is not lying about the sexual abuse what else is he not lying about?

Also as Nigel Hunt would well know Bill Hayes in SAPOL had many detective roles over the decade he was with them. One of his many roles was a fraud detective . Mullins carried out 5 reference checks regarding Bill Hayes and they were exemplary .Two of these were from current detectives in SAPOL who still rate Bill as one of the best .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Wayne became aware of the allegations in 2007 and despite investigations Major Crime detectives have found no evidence to corroborate Haydn’s claims or any other evidence to link Harry to the abductions.

Stuart Mullins : Again circumstantial evidence.The book the Satin Man clearly states it was a very poor investigation indeed into Harry Phipps by SAPOL. Hence this investigation was reviewed in 2017 and now Harry Phipps is a person of interest . Why Nigel ?

We believe as a person of interest Harry Phipps  is only one of five people of interest in the past 53 years in relation to this case .

A rather thick dossier was sent to SAPOL in 2008 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 and several times to SA Ministers and Federal politicians by Mullins. This dossier ever increasing in size. This dossier states very clearly all the people not contacted that were very, very important to this story BUT never contacted . They now are . Mullins would be happy to send Nigel Hunt a copy  which has a section also regarding Wayne Phipps . He may find this very enlightening .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Detective Superintendent Des Bray , head of Major Crime , said the investigation into the 2007 allegations made against Harry had been fully reviewed in late 2017.

“Police have some outstanding inquiries to complete in relation to Mr. Phipps; however, at this time, there is no proof that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the Beaumont children,” he said.

Stuart Mullins : Correct all as said , circumstantial evidence. You want proof ? As a SAPOL detective stated to Mullins over the phone in early 2017 “ We really need to have physical evidence OR X marks the spot. Mullins Hayes Whiticker agree. However, what was noted were the next words “ Harry was indeed a strange man “

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps  “I can say I have concerns about the validity of some of the allegations that have been made in connection with Mr Phipps.”

Stuart Mullins : As stated in the book and dossier so did we but they were only some. In fact only a few concerns.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Wayne 63, and wife Eileen, 68, have detailed crucial errors in Haydn’s allegations concerning events on the day he claims to have seen the children with his father. He has also cast serious doubt on claims by Haydn that his father sexually abused him.

See above

Wayne said the past four years – especially the past three weeks – had left his family distraught and concerned that the public have now been left with the view that his father was responsible for the abductions.

Stuart Mullins: Circumstantial evidence and lot of it.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : I told Major Crime the truth about my family when they first contacted me 11 years ago regarding claims against my father, Harry, by my muddled older brother, Haydn,” he said.

Stuart Mullins : Maybe Wayne would like to also discuss his muddled past ?

Questions should be asked : Why didn’t Major Crime initially contact and meet Angela Phipps and Hayden Phipps as stated in the book? To every detective current and past and most investigative journalists , all bar none stated to Mullins: “ These two people would have been the very first people to meet before anything else” BUT this was NEVER done. Why? It simply does not make sense unless you want a desired outcome.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Since then I’ve had regular and open contact with Major Crime. My brother, Haydn, is dead. He was mentally deranged and needed help.

Stuart Mullins : Is Wayne Phipps a doctor? Can he show anyone a doctor’s report stating Hayden was mentally deranged? As the doctors report Mullins does have shows Hayden Phipps was damaged but certainly not deranged.

Is the dressing up in Satin or Satin Dresses not true? Or is Hayden deranged?

The handing out of pound notes not true? . Or is Hayden deranged ?

The second wife stating in distraught state “ You have no idea what I have got myself into” Not true? .

The purse in the basement. Not true? .

Harry’s uncontrollable nature around satin. Not true? Is Hayden again deranged ?

Wayne Phipps hearing nothing at all regarding sexual abuse over the years ? How could this be?

Dismisses a 14-year-old schoolgirls rape and sodimisation account at the hands of Harry Phipps in the 1970s and all not true?

Wayne where were you? You know nothing? Nothing at all ? This seems to many very, very strange indeed.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Instead of giving support, some people took advantage of him and my dead father for their own personal gain or revenge.

Stuart Mullins : Some of this was stated before Harry passed. Some did not wish to come forward at all . As when talking about sexual abuse the accuser is usually shot down in flames BUT times have changed.There is a strong voice that will not go away. This will not go away ……………..Revenge?.Sexual abuse is not revenge. Hayden Phipps was sexually abused as was the school age girl and most likely now others.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : WhenThe Satin Man was released, I thought it would die out. Someone would tell the truth.

Stuart Mullins : They did Wayne and all in the book the Satin Man .You may not remember but you called Stuart Mullins and Bill Hayes over the phone and to both you appeared incoherent . Stuart did offer to meet you at a cafe but you refused. He wished to meet at his home. In your state at the time, speech slurred and aggressive this was not going to happen.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Of those who remember facts are either dead or too old to want this rubbish in their lives.”

Stuart Mullins : No, they are not all dead, they are alive and all in the book which are also your in laws past friends and cousins Wayne. Wayne you could have spoken out to the media when Angela and Hayden were alive but seems you refused to do so . Wayne you had many opportunities over the years to talk to people in the book but chose not to do so.

And Rubbish? Harry Phipps is a person of interest. Only around five in 53 years. All built on rubbish?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Wayne said following the release of the book and the nature of the allegations it contained, his family had sought legal advice but were advised defamation laws did not apply to a dead person and they had no recourse – despite the negative impact it had on their own lives.

Stuart Mullins : To the grand children we feel for them. To some other family members we do not. We contacted some of them but they did not wish to talk. But what was strange is that some knew very well of Harrys sexual deviancy. The satin dresses. The pound notes in the 60s and strong rumours regarding Hayden’s sexual abuse. Some knew and never stood up and never spoke out . This is why sexual abuse world wide went under the radar for so long. Mullins and Whiticker passed a lot of the information onto SAPOL in 2007 2008 2009 2010 and appeared they did very little, hence the book was written.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :This is too convenient for authors who have based the book on one mistruth after another. This book is based on fiction and it is hurting my father’s memory, my mother’s memory, family, friends and Castalloy employees,” he said.

Stuart Mullins : Mis-truths? This word has been used previously by Wayne. It just does not cut the mustard .Harry Phipps is a person of interest.

Wayne’s recent comments were passed onto an overseas to a statement analysis expert. One of the best in Europe. Her reply comments are very enlightening indeed. She would like to interview Wayne very much. The language used shows he is hiding information .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : what he claims are mistruths, Wayne cited crucial details given by his brother concerning his alleged sighting of the Beaumont children with his father the day they vanished.

“It has been written that on this day Haydn said that he worked at the Glenelg Ten Pin Bowling Alley and came home around midday,” he said.

“He further stated that our mother was out, playing tennis, and on return from work he went into his cubby. It was from this cubby that Haydn supposedly saw the Beaumont children.

“The true facts are that our mother only played tennis on Saturdays as many of the people she played with worked during the week and there was no holiday for Australia Day in 1966.

Stuart Mullins Correct . It was common knowledge January 26thwas not a national holiday and all in the Satin Man book. Wayne is projecting his adult mind back to 1966. He simply would not know what his mother was doing that day. He was at most 9 years old . He is only assuming/projecting.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :The book also says Haydn came home from working at the bowling alley. Haydn never worked at the Gleaning bowling alley

Stuart Mullins : According to Hayden’s closest friend in the 1960s that lived just up the road from the Phipps family in the 50s 60s and 70s. Who also knew Wayne and now lives 3 kms from Stuart in Queensland states. That he and Hayden did in fact work at the Bowling Alley in the early 60s and were pin boys. As at the time none of the bowling alley was automated. Hayden’s friend knew Wayne but Wayne was too young to hang around Hayden, him and another friend. This is all in the book the Satin Man. And names and phone numbers clearly stated in the dossier. As this friend stated “Wayne was simply too young in the 60s to hang around us. He was a kid.”

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : There was no cubby house as mentioned, nor a tree house. These are examples of the delusional statements made.”

Stuart Mullins : There was no mention of a tree house in the Satin man book. Hayden and his two friends did in fact have a sort of cubby house. A few large planks of wood for cover attached to the fence. They sat under this and smoked as Hayden stated a few “durries” cigarettes. As was stated by both it was a poor excuse for a cubby house. This information was all given to a detective back in 2008.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : His interview with the private investigator, conducted in 2008, Haydn also said he was smoking with mates in the cubby, another claim Wayne disputes. He said Haydn “hated” cigarettes and never smoked as a teenager.

Stuart Mullins : See above. By 1966 Wayne Phipps was 8.5 to 9 years of age. Wayne did not hang around Hayden’s friends but gives the impression he did. He was simply too young. And for a nine year old Wayne sure has an amazing memory. All of this noted from the overseas statement and behaviour analysis expert. This lady would very much like to interview Wayne. As she states something is very much eating away at Wayne where she would like to delve further .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Wayne also cast serious doubt on allegations made by Haydn, who died in 2016, that his father sexually abused him.

Stuart Mullins : Wayne should also meet face to face the now lady who at 14 years old in the 1970s was raped and sodomised by Harry Phipps near his factory.Her media recording by Channel 7 was graphic  and she had no doubt her rape was at the hands of Harry Phipps . He was a sexual predator.

“Haydn was 4½ years older than me. I shared a bedroom with Haydn until he got married at age 21 ,” he said.

The sexual abuse stopped for Hayden in 1963 when Hayden was 13 years old and old enough to fend for himself. Wayne was 8.5 years old. So from 0 to 8 or 9 what would Wayne possibly know …….Nothing.

He would not have been completely aware at all. How many children were sexually abused in the 1950s 60s and 70s right under the noses of adults who never knew what was going on until the now adults spoke up years later only to be shot down in flames ?

Again only 8% of all people that come forward regarding child sexual abuse are lying. If I were a betting man I would put my money on a horse that had a 92% chance of winning. 

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : “My father never touched me or my friends, and never Haydn or his friends.

Stuart Mullins : Wayne would not know apart from himself  who Harry touched. Wayne needs to seriously sit down with an expert in the field of child sexual abuse. This may open up Wayne’s mind and thinking. As right now it seems Wayne is putting his hands across his ears and shaking his head side to side saying NO NO NO Didn’t happen , didn’t happen , didn’t happen whilst stamping his feet.

Wayne seems to conveniently avoid any mention of the satin dresses sexual , deviancy to name a few where others knew well of it.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : If Haydn had been abused, he would have told me, he would have told his mother – he was a blabbermouth.”

Stuart Mullins : A blabbermouth ? Lets just disregard this word has been used. Simply silly and immature . I don’t know of any victim of child sexual abuse that “ blabber mouthed”. Does anyone? Wayne seems to have no understanding of victims of sexual abuse. Or does he ?

And this is a real concern. When people do come forward  they are usually shot down in flames. I am quite sure Wayne would have done the same to Hayden. And in the 60s ,70s and 80s what hope would victims have ? None. And this was also in the city of churches !

Others that have been abused live in denial, suffering from alcoholism , self harm , rage , broken marriages depression , anxiety . Unable to hold down a job. This would ring a bell with some would it not Wayne . They protect the abuser.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : But even more disturbingly, Wayne said Haydn’s actions in relation to the care of his own son, Nicholas, cast even more doubt on the truth of his abuse allegations.

“Haydn asked my father and mother to raise his son, Nicholas, and Nick lived with them for many years,” Wayne said. “Why would he ask someone he believed to be a murdering pedophile to look after his son?”

Stuart Mullins : Firstly Hayden always stated he felt he father had something to do with the disappearance of the Beaumont children. He never stated he was a murdering pedophile. Only Wayne has stated this. Which is of interest to the overseas statement analysis expert .She very much wishes to speak to Wayne direct. And Nick Phipps, the grandson after reading Wayne’s account dismissed a lot of what Wayne had stated out of hand. Yes he did live at the residence. He also stated Harry was evil and a deviant and gave good reason why. Nick left when he was old enough to do so. Nicholas mother also left the marriage to Hayden and had, as it seems no contact with any Phipps family members ever since.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Nicholas lived with Harry and his then-wife Olga until he was around 18. He has made no allegations about Harry.

Stuart Mullins: This is completely untrue. Wayne should know this and if not why not? Nicholas has on several occasions been on TV regarding Harry Phipps the Satin Man and his father. Nicholas has been tested on a lie detection test on TV with Steve Van Aperen Australia’s leading lie detection polygraph expert. A meeting with Steve Van Aperen and Wayne can be arranged at any time . If Wayne can let Stuart know. Nicholas also states: Harry was evil and a sexual deviant. But again Wayne knows nothing of this? .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : The Satin Man researcher, Stuart Mullins, yesterday said he stood by the “content of the book 100 per cent” and said Angela had told him in 2006 of “her suspicions” but did not go to the police because she feared being labeled as “another nutter”. “That is the way she felt at that time because the information she had at that time wasn’t concrete,” he said. “What she said I had to follow up.”

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : When asked if he felt Harry had been treated unfairly, he said: “Absolutely not. Everything in the book we stand by 100 per cent.” Without hesitation or reservation


Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : POLICE were not told of an allegation linking Harry Phipps to the Beaumont abductions until almost a decade after it was first raised, it has been revealed.

Stuart Mullins : True as Mullins then Hayes were interviewing people associated with Harry Phipps and the family.They needed to corroborate many of the statements made by Angela and Hayden. As Mullins and Hayes did they then presented all to SAPOL major crime and not before.We both wanted to make sure Hayden and Angela were telling the truth

Initially Bill Hayes stated he will try to disprove what Mullins and Whiticker had. Eventually he could not so a visit to major crime was arranged. This was not a rushed amateur job.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  Phipps’ wife, Eileen, has told the Sunday Mail the suggestion Harry “was capable of” abducting the Beaumont children was first raised with her in 1999. The suggestion was made by Haydn Phipps’ wife, Angela, in a conversation with her while she was staying with them in Queensland.Detectives were not made aware of the allegations until early 2007.

Stuart Mullins : True see above.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  conducted extensive investigations into the claim but uncovered no evidence to substantiate it.

Stuart Mullins : This is not true and all in the book the Satin Man. On the web site clearly stated on Today Tonight Channel 7 .The SAPOL initial investigation was simply not an extensive investigation and the police minister was made aware of this.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  Eileen said she could vividly recall the conversation while she was staying with Haydn and Angela, and Wayne was in hospital.

Stuart Mullins : What was Wayne doing in hospital? What happened with his flat mate?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps  :  This conversation is detailed in a lengthy document Eileen has provided to Major Crime investigators in response to the claims made by Haydn and in The Satin Man book.

“(Angela and Haydn) were both obsessed with Harry and his money, particularly Angela, and it came up in conversation with them most days. It always came back to Harry and his money,” Eileen said.

“Angela complained throughout the time I was there about the paucity of money Harry was providing to her and Haydn.

Stuart Mullins : See above regarding the will and money . All already covered. And why was Angela never met never interviewed by SAPOL. This alone does not make sense unless certain people were after a certain outcome.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : We were sitting around the table and she asked me if I thought Harry could be responsible for the Beaumont children disappearance. I was stunned.

“I asked her why she said it and she just said ‘Because I think he’s capable of it and he lives so close’, and that was it. I believe that was the genesis of all of this.”

Stuart Mullins : View the web site and read the book the Satin Man. All of this above covered very well.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  said the conversation was the first time she had heard the suggestion, but realised in February 2007, that police had been made aware of the allegations. Then Major Crime case officer Detective Sergeant Brian Swan visited Eileen’s home to speak to her and Wayne about the claims.

Stuart Mullins : Where was Brian Swan regarding interviewing Hayden Phipps and Angela Phipps and the three men that knew Hayden well in the 1960s? Men who knew of the pound notes the physical description of Harry in the 60s? Brian Swan never called nor met, why?

These people knew of the Satin but Brian Swan stated to Mullins it was only kaftans, which we know it was not.

This same detective told Mullins after he corroborated the pound notes and the physical description of Harry and his close proximity to Colley Reserve , that Mullins was chasing his tail in late 2007. Even though the pound note was always pivotal in this case .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : I think the catalyst for them saying it publicly was when Harry died they could then get away with it,” Eileen said.

Stuart Mullins : Both Hayden and Angela did not say this for the general public. Mullins and Whiticker took there statements and gave them to the police .The police did not act upon this. Hence the book

Why ,it must be asked have Wayne and Eileen now come out publicly after  Angela and Hayden have passed…………………………..maybe  now they can get away with it .

Others associated with the family that have read the Adelaide Sunday Mail article completely disagree with Wayne’s and Eileens comments.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Detective Swan said he wanted to speak with Wayne and said there had been claims about Harry and the Beaumont children. I said to him ‘This has come from Queensland, hasn’t it?’ and he looked surprised.

“I said its come from Angela and Haydn, and I told him what had been said to me in 1999 by Angela.”

Angela – who died last year – and Haydn married in the mid-’90s. She was his psychiatric nurse while he was being treated for mental illness.

Stuart Mullins : Angela was never Hayden’s psychiatric nurse. Angela was a clinical nurse .See the written reference on the web site. Angela’s sister in Victoria and ex 20 years Victorian police backs this . Brian Swan never spoke to Hayden or Angela .

Can Eileen provide any information regarding Hayden’s psychiatric reports? He was in fact being treated for ailments associated with sexual abuse.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  Eileen  said Angela “constantly” complained to her about being broke.“This is what this is all about. Haydn told her she was going to be a very rich woman, that she was going to get a lot of money, which she didn’t get,” Eileen said.

Stuart Mullins : Angela left Hayden just after Wayne’s extended stay at the Southport hospital . And attending  the Southport courthouse hearing regarding Wayne and his flatmate assault which put Wayne in hospital in the first place . Art is intreating to know why Wayne was assaulted so badly to put him in hospital .Angela had a very nice job as a clinical nurse and got paid quite well. She owned her own house on acreage.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps  :  In Harry’s will, he left a lot of money to a lot of people, but not to her.”

Stuart Mullins : Harry left most of the money and house to his second wife Daisy Ward changing her name to Elizabeth Phipps. She was originally Harry’s maid and carer . She did very very well. Harry left good money to Wayne and Hayden. And there was a deal with the second house where Hayden then moved to Queensland and bought a nice seaside unit. He had plenty of money to spare .The rest of the money was spread out. It was reasonable but not a great deal. Mullins has had the will since 2007.

Angela had not been in contact with the family since the late 90s. She would not have been in the will and neither did she expect this . She is not related to the Phipps family and wanted nothing to do with the family from the late 1990s stating , as in the book, they were toxic.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  A close relative of Harry’s, who asked not to be identified, has corroborated Eileen’s statements, saying she had seen Angela asking Harry for money and had a copy of his will detailing the beneficiaries.

Stuart Mullins : This corroboration was by a person that refused to speak to Mullins. However her brother who is in the book refuted what they are both saying out of hand. He was good friends with Hayden in the 60s 70s and onward and knows Wayne Phipps well .BUT he was never called and never interviewed WHY? His photo is on the web site . Why does his sister not state her name and stand up? The brother has. He knew of  Harrys sexual deviancy and Hayden sexual abuse , why not others?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  Recalling the 1999 conversation, Eileen also detailed to police factual errors concerning characters and events in the book.

“I believe the material for this book was provided by Angela as revenge against a man she saw as owing it to her to support her in the way in which Haydn had told her she would be supported,” she said. “Angela has achieved her goal. Harry can’t defend himself. These claims will stain his memory forever.

Stuart Mullins : Why would Eileen speak up now and come out when Angela and Hayden cannot defend themselves? Convenient. Would they all like to sit down in front of the cameras and be interviewed with Mullins? Why do some family members believe opposite to Wayne and Eileen .

Something is not quite right with Harry Phipps.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : The book suggests SA Police is not interested in the case. It is ridiculous to suggest this .

Stuart Mullins : Mullins Whiticker and Hayes have stated SAPOL had not done a thorough investigation. NOT that they were not interested . All in the Satin Man book

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  This crime would have to give SA Police great satisfaction.”

Stuart Mullins : It would give everyone great satisfaction.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps: Hearsay is not evidence. 

Stuart Mullins : Not hearsay but circumstantial evidence and a lot of it. 

Analysis – Nigel Hunt

IT is a crying shame that each of the three key players in the latest chapter of the Beaumont children disappearance are no longer alive.

Stuart Mullins Absolutely agreed

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps  Certainly, if Harry Phipps were around today, the allegations linking him to their abduction would not have entered the public domain.

Stuart Mullins : The allegations were given to the police they did not act on them. So very debatable.These days I am sure these accusations would have entered the public domain and would have had a lot of scrutiny in our current sexual abuse climate. We now sit up and listen

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : If  they had, those who made them would have found themselves in the Supreme Court on the wrong end of a defamation lawsuit. And Harry would have won, simply because there is no evidence to substantiate the claims.

Stuart Mullins : Again circumstantial evidence and a lot of it with a lady raped and sodomised by Harry Phipps in the 1970s. In todays climate Harry Phipps would have been most definately held to account.

Stuart  Mullins As Nigel stated over the phone to Mullins regarding this lady’s rape. This cannot be corroborated. And this is where the problem lies with all victims of child sexual abuse …they will not be believed. I thought we have matured and past this attitude of the 60s 70s 80s 90s and beyond. We are past the Weinstein era Nigel  .

And corroborated? What happened to Hayden is a mirror image of what occurred to this lady in the 70s .

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps.  Harry  Phipps is alive would also be in a position to answer the questions posed by Major Crime detectives investigating the allegations made by his troubled eldest son, Haydn, and his wife, Angela.

Stuart Mullins: True and in this current sexual abuse climate Harry would have  had a lot of explaining to do.Nigel times and thinking has changed .Harry like the clergy were a protected species in the 1960s 70s and 80s not now .  

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps : Harry would no doubt be asked if he abducted the children and just why he asked two boys to dig a large hole at the Castalloy factory. He would also have a chance to either confirm or reject Haydn’s allegation that he sexually abused him.

Stuart Mullins : Harry of course would have denied like all the accused Clergy , Rolf Harris, Robert Hughes, Bill Cosby and more. Surely times have changed and we have moved on thinking wise.

Again only 8% of all people that come forward regarding their child sexual abuse are lying. If I were a betting man I would put my money on a horse that has a 92% chance of winning.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps: Why Hayden  and Angela would certainly be asked why they waited until after Harry died in 2004 before making the allegations public.

Stuart Mullins : Already stated above.They did not wait until 2004 . BUT why has Wayne and Eileen waited for Hayden and Angela to die to come out publicly?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  They Also would be asked if they were motivated by money, namely the lack of it coming their way from Harry in his later years and then from his estate.

Stuart Mullins : Incorrect and already stated above. Mullins has had the will since 2007.

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  Answers to these questions would go a long way to determining the value of the information in helping solve the Beaumont children’s disappearance.

Information and evidence are two very different things. Just because someone says something does not make it fact. Information can only be turned into evidence when it is substantiated and corroborated, preferably by multiple sources.

Stuart Mullins : Please read the book Nigel . All the information in there is clearly stated. Mullins has sent the dossier many times to SAPOL where all is corroborated. As stated now many times, this is circumstantial evidence and a lot of it, all corroborated. Names can be supplied for Nigel to meet. These people are all in the book BUT never contacted. Why?

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps  The information cannot be substantiated and corroborated, it should not be put into the public domain – particularly when it impugns the integrity of public standing of the target.

Stuart Mullins : See above and clearly stated many times Nigel it has been corroborated .Please read the book Nigel. 

Nigel Hunt Wayne Phipps :  The saddest aspect of this latest frenzy has been the effect on the elderly parents of the three missing Beaumont children – Nancy and Jim Beaumont. It is impossible to measure the torment they have suffered for the past 52 years.

Every year they endure the inevitable anniversary rehash, sporadic false leads and outright media beat-ups.

Stuart Mullins : Nigel you work for the Advertiser newspaper which is part of  this frenzy, beat up and rehash.Remember, last year the supposed “breakthrough’’ in the case was a claim by the son of a convicted pedophile – who just happened to have passed away – that his father was responsible for killing the children.He claimed his father buried the children in an old well on Yorke Peninsula. Thankfully, after examining the claims, police decided not to excavate that site.

Surely the grieving parents deserve better than this in their twilight years.

Stuart Mullins : They deserve a not giving up attitude. Not an attitude of the police know best and leave it to them.The parents deserve people doing this for the right reasons.

Mullins Whiticker and Hayes have their own children. What would they do if their children went missing? What would you do? I personally would go to the ends of the earth to find out what happened and to bring justice. Leave no stone unturned .Hence we will not give up on this.

The circumstantial evidence /co incidences are so over whelming regarding Harry Phipps, Mullins will not give up. This has never ever entered his mind.

The wolf in the case has never been too far from the door.

And remember Harry Phipps is now a person of interest.