Who abducted the Beaumont children?

Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont were abducted from Glenelg South Australia January 26th 1966 and never to be seen again. This case resulted in the largest police investigation in Australian criminal history. Yet still remains one of Australia’s and the world’s most infamous unsolved cold cases. Until now, enter the Satin Man Harry Phipps.

The Satin Man, Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont children is one of Australia’s all-time best selling true crime books. Written due to a tip-off which resulted in ten plus years of investigation into the background of Harry Phipps by Mullins and Hayes. Their investigation was superbly pieced together for the book by Alan Whiticker and focuses entirely on Phipps. A person of wealth, influence, persuasiveness and power. A family patriarch, a man with a peculiar predilection for satin. However,as with all paedophiles he had two personalities. One of a well-respected businessman with high-level connections ; A man about town, charming and charismatic. The other ? A dark side of sexual deviancy directed toward children. An undetected paedophile hidden behind the walls of his Glenelg mansion for over forty years.Frighteningly 190 metres in direct view of Colley Reserve where the Beaumont children were last seen playing with a middle-aged man.  

Bill Hayes with Stuart Mullins relentlessly pursued Phipps against a barrage of criticism from some sections of the media.The South Australian police force and the public. However, as of 2018 Harry Phipps has been raised to a person of interest by Major Crime South Australia and now believed to be the chief suspect and the person most likely to have abducted Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont. 

Apt words . With over ten years experience as detective in the Sth Australian police force in Bill Hayes opinion 

Harry Phipps is the most likely suspect that has ever been put forward in the Beaumont case.