What happened to the Beaumont Children?

The Satin Man Uncovering the mystery of the Beaumont children. A best selling true crime book was written due to a tip-off. A tip-off which resulted in ten plus years of investigation in which Mullins, Hayes and Whiticker continued their hunt for the truth.

The book looks at a new potential suspect. A person of influence, money, persuasiveness and power. A family patriarch, a man with a peculiar predilection for satin that is now being looked at as the person highly likely being involved in the disappearance of the three Beaumont children. Harry had two personalities. One a well-respected businessman with high-level connections. A man about town.Charming and charismatic.The other? The dark side. Sexual deviancy directed toward children. An alleged paedophile. Residing 190 metres in direct view Colley reserve. A reserve the Beaumont children were last seen playing with a middle-aged man. 

Due to Mullins and Hayes relentless pursuit of Phipps; and up against a barrage of criticism from some sections of the media, naysayers and sections of the South Australian police force ;

As of 2018, Harry  Phipps has been raised to a person of interest by Major Crime South Australia. He is now believed to be the person most likely. 

I have to say in my opinion,Harry Phipps is the best suspect that has ever been put forward in the Beaumont case. Phipps had the means, motive and opportunity.

Xanthe Mallet forensic anthropologist and criminologist